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NGO Global Pay Survey registration is now open

Now in its fourth year, the NGO Global Pay Survey 2014 covers international and headquarters roles, and will include both a salary survey and an additional expatriate policies and practices survey. Registration is open until 10 May 2014.

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Staff need to have the skill and the will - and not be ill

By Jonathan Potter

On the last day of the Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Summit last week, I facilitated a panel session on the workplace for NGOs. Along with colleagues from Oxfam GB and Action Aid International, (our presence at the event financially supported by the Cigna Foundation), we conveyed an impression of a sector which recognised the challenges its workforce faces, and is responding in many practical ways.

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How can we strive for greater fairness in pay in our sector?

By Nina Albuquerque

On 3 April 2014 People In Aid co-hosted a workshop on what is becoming an increasingly hot topic in the humanitarian and development HR field - fairness and dual pay scales (international and national). The workshop was a truly collaborative event, with a global perspective and international participation. Co-hosted with researchers from Project ADD-UP and People In Aid global partner Birches Group, around 40 attendees from 30 organisations collaborated to tackle the issue of fair remuneration in our sector, and learn from the latest evidence-based research.

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Event: Sayer Vincent International Charities Forum 2014 - Wellbeing & Safety

Sayer Vincent is hosting an event focusing on Wellbeing and Safety as part of its International Charities Forum, and which will take place in London on 23rd April 2014. The event will focus on best practice and practical tools for managing staff care and staff safety in the increasingly challenging environment in which INGOs work.

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What are the key characteristics of successful wellness programmes?

By Jonathan Potter

Yesterday afternoon we heard from the Award finalists at the Global Healthy Workplace Awards and Summit in Shanghai. What were the key characteristics of their wellness programmes which distinguished them from the other applicants?

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New case study: improving staff wellbeing at Oxfam GB

When an increase in organisational stress-related absence was identified at Oxfam GB, the Office's Health & Safety Committee was tasked with finding mechanisms to raise staff awareness of stress-related issues and developing practical ways to support improvements in staff wellbeing.

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