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Facts are the antidote of fear: supporting staff responding to the Ebola crisis

By Em Lacroix

Last week I attended a very useful Ebola Forum organised by InterHealth in London. One of my responsibilities as the HR Services Manager at People In Aid is to help our members connect to each other, to the hot topics and issues that we are addressing, and to the resources that can support us collectively in our work. As I sat with HR and operational representatives of organisations currently involved in responding to the Ebola outbreak in west Africa (many of whom are our members), I was reminded that in this crisis, a lot of what it will take to win over the "invisible enemy" are principles, practices and ways of working we all know, but can sometimes get complaisant about. In many ways, these are nothing new or radical, but rather what is required is a more robust and consistent implementation and compliance with well documented and tested fact-based practices.

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Learning from failure

By Jonathan Potter

It doesn't matter that you fall as long as you know what to do when you get up. This snippet of wisdom from Nelson Mandela was quoted by South Africa activist Jay Naidoo at BOND's annual conference this week. It refers, of course, to learning from a mistake. It resonated at a later working session on acknowledging failure. There are organisations which publish Failure reports and others which run failfests (get-togethers to celebrate failures). Focussing on the learning side of this equation, though, one speaker at the event required every staff member to write down one or more lessons learned during the year to produce a Learning report.

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New case study: leadership coaching and international development at ActionAid International

This case study looks at a programme of coaching initiated at ActionAid International in support of leadership development interventions. In 2003 ActionAid International embarked on an internationalisation strategy, effectively shifting the locus of power from north to south, with a vision of developing shared leadership. The cultural shift meant, among other things, that countries became independent and had more responsibility in crafting their own destiny. This put pressure on country directors who were now accountable for general management with a significant governance change management agenda. In many cases there was a capability gap where the leadership, often from formidable activist backgrounds, needed to shift from leading self and functions, to leading the organisation in the context of a changing global federation.

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Ground Realities: Voices of Humanitarian Aid Workers from the Frontlines

By Jonathan Potter

"In 2013, a humanitarian aid worker was injured, kidnapped, or killed every 26 hours."

I don't go to zones of danger for my work. But People In Aid's daily work is on behalf of organisations and individuals who are exposed to danger. So I really listen and learn when a conference, such as the one organised by DanChurch Aid and CWS-PA in October last year, confronts me with stories of immense courage and commitment directly from those who have been kidnapped or endangered. I reported on that conference in October last year; the research is now complete and the publication, 'Voices of Humanitarian Aidworkers from the Frontlines', is available online.

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HAP International and People In Aid to join forces to strengthen quality and accountability in the humanitarian and development sector

HAP International and People In Aid are pleased to announce that they have agreed to merge their assets and experience by forming a new organisation in 2015. The boards and staff of HAP and People In Aid believe that together the new organisation will provide a more comprehensive and complete service to its members and to the sector, one that will build capacity for improved quality of action on the ground, provide leadership in human resources and people management, and bring greater accountability to communities and people affected by crisis.

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Consultancy vacancy: Coaching Network

We are seeking a consultant for an initiative People In Aid is leading on as part of the Start Network Talent Development project, focusing on the development of a Coaching Network. The consultancy will involve identifying and training a network of 110 coaches across three regions, representing in-house and external coaches. We are looking for an experienced consultant with deep experience in project management, coaching and coaching methodologies. Knowledge of HR and staffing issues within the humanitarian sector as well cultural issues affecting national and regional staff is helpful. The deadline for applications is Wednesday 12 November.

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