About People In Aid

People In Aid is merging with HAP International to form the CHS Alliance, bringing together more than two decades of experience in quality, accountability and people management.

The CHS Alliance is the response to requests from humanitarian and development actors for quality and accountability initiatives and standards. With the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) at the heart of its work, the Alliance intends to establish the Standard as a common reference framework for all actors who provide assistance to crisis-affected and vulnerable people.

People In Aid members will continue to receive resources, networks, training, events, research, and support with certification and verification as CHS Alliance members.

Find out more about what the CHS Alliance does here: www.chsalliance.org.

People In Aid History

People In Aid was established by humanitarian and development agencies in 1995 to improve people management in the sector. This mission will be carried on by the CHS Alliance through the CHS which replaces the People In Aid Code. HR- and people-related requirements are embedded throughout the Nine Commitments of the CHS. Commitment 8 in particular states that: Communities and people affected by crisis receive the assistance they require from competent and well-managed staff and volunteers.

Download a full history of People In Aid.