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Survey: INGO Management Agenda 2015

People in Aid has teamed up with Roffey Park Institute again this year to survey the views of managers and HR professionals working in the INGO sector. The People in Aid/Roffey Park Management Agenda will identify the issues and challenges faced by managers, both from HR and the wider business, in the INGO sector. This year's survey covers topics including ethics, values, diversity, leadership and culture. Take part, and in addition to providing valuable insight into the challenges faced in the INGO sector, you could win an iPad!

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We are recruiting for two new roles: HR Services Manager and HR Impact Consultant

We have two exciting opportunities to join People In Aid and help us to improve the quality of people management within the humanitarian assistance and international development sector. We are recruiting a new HR Services Manager to join the existing team, and lead on resources and research for the sector. We are looking for a dynamic and articulate individual who has good experience in HR management and the international humanitarian and development sector.

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LIVE: New, improved Resource Centre

At the Members' Forum and AGM held in London last week, we gave participants a preview of our new, improved Resource Centre. We're delighted to announce that the new Centre, redesigned with increased functionality and ease of use in mind, is now live for all visitors to our website. You can get to the new Resource Centre from our existing Resources page. Both versions will be available for use for a limited period, and we will switch over fully to the new Centre at the end of October.

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Last chance to participate in Core Humanitarian Standard consultation

This week is the final opportunity for those involved in humanitarian action to have their say in the consultation on the Core Humanitarian Standard. The online consultation closes on Friday 17 October 2014.

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Empowering reward decisions

By Maduri Moutou

Our autumn Reward Network meeting takes place around September each year and for our global pay benchmarking partners it comes at just the right time. Over 50 agencies across the world are busily collecting, collating and digesting their pay and compensation data and it is quite easy to get lost in the numbers. So the network meeting was a welcome event co-facilitated with our partners The Birches Group, and which allowed for some pertinent discussions about job types, levels, all things reward, and a view on trends for the future.

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Ensure your returning staff are effectively debriefed

Ongoing conflict in Syria, Gaza, South Sudan and the more recent Ebola outbreak affecting many countries in West Africa, are all putting pressure on agencies and their staff alike as they work to relieve suffering and offer assistance. Effective debriefing is a critical step in building resilience both at an organisational and personal level, and should not be overlooked in periods of intense activity.

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Capacity-strengthening Somali NGOs: HR issues

By Jonathan Potter

In reading "Aid Partnerships: A Vehicle to Strengthen NGOs in Somalia" (ICVA, 2013) I was struck by the observation that international NGOs and UN bodies (IAOs) have continued to entrust funds and humanitarian goals to Somali NGOs (SNGOs) while failing to strengthen the capacity gaps identified by the assessments they have carried out: "by not demanding that Somali partners address the identified capacity gaps, IAOs missed an opportunity that..may have prevented meaningful progress".

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Take part in the third consultation on the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability

The third draft of the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) is now live and available for consultation. This final consultation will allow people to express whether they think the CHS is good enough to be published and used.

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What do penguins know about change?

In his book 'Our Iceberg is Melting', Harvard author John Kotter takes us through a fictional journey of how a colony of Emperor penguins in Antarctica deals with an unexpected, wide-reaching and potentially catastrophic change. As our sector deals with a raft of changes - environmental, demographic, conflict-based - like the penguins and their melting iceberg, we are faced with a complex set of challenges that continue to shift as the landscape transforms around us. At an organisation-level, the impact of these changes puts pressure on the HR function to both support and lead in how we respond.

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