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Women's Leadership Learning

On UN International Women's Day, March 8th we shared the first in our series of interviews, articles and other resources highlighting gender issues and are keen to share more resources that will enable NGO managers to better "uphold women's achievements, recognise challenges, and focus greater attention on women's rights and gender equality to mobilise all people to do their part".

This second piece in the series examines important strategies for women's leadership learning.

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New case study: Progress in HR has led to increased staff commitment and improved programme delivery for a small NGO in Uganda

This case study looks at how small improvements in HR practices and policies at Dwelling Places, a small NGO in Uganda, have led to increased staff motivation and ultimately better services for communities in Uganda.

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Humanitarian Leadership in Australia - developing skills to transform humanitarian response

By Jonathan Potter

I haven't been in many meetings which mentioned both humanitarian leaders and kangaroos. While in Melbourne last week I listened to a presentation from Deakin University's Humanitarian Leadership Programme (HLP). Now offering an accredited graduate certificate, part on-line with two intensive 8-day courses in Australia and Indonesia, more than 220 students have graduated in four years (from 39 organisations and 49 countries).

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Humanitarian HR Africa 2015: Registration now open!

The Humanitarian Human Resources (HHR) Africa conference 2015 will take place in Nairobi on June 8th 2015. This event provides a unique space for HR professionals in the sector to reflect, learn from what others are doing, gain fresh insights, and generate practical solutions to current HR and people management issues. Registration is now open with early bird discounts available until April 30th so book your place!

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Consultation of the draft CHS monitoring and verification framework launched

The CHS describes the essential elements of principled, accountable and high-quality humanitarian action. The draft CHS Monitoring and Verification Framework is a coherent and systematic approach to measuring how the CHS is used, and with what results. As such, it is an important quality assurance tool to ensure organisations are consistently assessing and reporting against the Standard using the same criteria, and generating comparable data.

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Women in Leadership - Video interview with Alison Maitland

To mark International Women's Day we are are sharing the first in our upcoming series of resources on the topic of gender and women in leadership. We recently interviewed Alison Maitland, international author, journalist and speaker, on the issues of women in leadership and gender balance at work. Watch the short video below for the full interview.

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Shooting ourselves in the foot: a look at the Humanitarian sector's self-inflicted wounds

Does this title provoke and stir you? It is designed to. In this third, and more in-depth article, Dr Scott Breslin addresses the challenge of two areas of HR related activity which conspires to ensure that humanitarian aid workers are currently not able to deliver the optimum standard of programme work. His research shows that both ignoring to learn the heart-language of crisis-affected people, and the regular use of short-term employment contracts (churning of people), are key factors which prevent the achievement of the humanitarian mandate to engage crisis affected people in dialogue and collaborative relationships.


Read the full story  (6 March 2015)

Professional development skills for building effective partnerships

Building effective partnerships is key to effective development. This idea was central to a recent event organised by The Partnering Initiative designed to deepen the knowledge and skills of participants in line with the emerging best practice in this field. The Partnering Initiative is organising additional courses on this topic in Bangkok, Nairobi and Oxford. There is also a range of useful resources and tools for NGO managers and staff working in this area that are worth having a look at.

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NGO Global Pay Survey 2015: registration now open!

For the fifth year running, Birches Group and People in Aid are launching the NGO Global Pay Survey. The survey is unique to the international NGO sector, and provides salary benchmarking data from across the world, covering both international and headquarters roles. Data collection will commence in June 2015 and the report will be published in October 2015. Registration is now open!

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Ebola response aid worker wellness kit available

Every humanitarian emergency brings its own particular challenges for organisations and individuals involved in response, and staff wellness and resilience remain an important element to be addressed at both levels. The Ebola crisis pushed the boundaries around wellness for those responding to the emergency, more particularly at the individual, practical level. What tools are available to support aid worker wellness beyond the existing principles and policies from their organisations?

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