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New actors and new systems bring new risks: updated Handbook of Good Practices for Preventing Corruption in Humanitarian Operations available

Last week, Transparency International released an updated version of its Handbook of Good Practices for Preventing Corruption in Humanitarian Operations. First published in 2010, the handbook is the culmination of a multi-year project designed to identify potential corruption risks in humanitarian operations, and develop tools for addressing those risks. Developed together with others in the sector, it covers policies and procedures for transparency, integrity and accountability, and shows how to tackle corruption risks from procurement and transport to human resource management and accounting. The 2014 update to the handbook reflects expanded and new content to ensure it remains relevant, useful, and supports our collective efforts in this area. People In Aid members can also now download copies of HR and people management related tools extracted from the updated handbook directly from our Resource Centre.

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Core Humanitarian Standard launches today

Better humanitarian assistance to be delivered by improved quality and accountability.

The Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) was officially launched today at a conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, along with the findings and recommendations from a Certification Review carried out by the Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response (SCHR). These two initiatives have the potential to mark a significant step forward in the way humanitarian actors deliver, and are held accountable for, their work. Hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the conference welcomed over 100 humanitarian leaders and decision-makers representing NGOs, the UN and governments.

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State of HR 2014: A Question of Impact, now available to download!

The State of HR report is a seminal piece of research carried out by People In Aid, and designed to examine trends, issues, and challenges faced by our HR colleagues in the sector. This is the third report of its kind and we're delighted to announce that it is now available to download in full from our online Resource Centre. We have also published a short Executive Summary which highlights the key points of the report.

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Resource Centre: new functionality and FAQs

After a few weeks of running our new Resource Centre alongside the existing one, as of Friday 28 November we have switched over fully to a single, new-look Resource Centre. This means that next time users visit the Resource Centre on our website, they will no longer be able to access information through the old, familiar user interface. It also means there have been a few changes to the navigation on the Resource Centre page, so read on for some short FAQs to help with the transition.

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Guest post: People In Aid's State of HR Report is out and it's worth reading

What do you do when a link to a large report called The State of HR 2014 arrives in your email? Do you relegate it to the "must read because it's good for me" list and wonder when you will find the time? Or do you hope your HR Director will give you a briefing? Perhaps you are an HRD and hope your HR Officers will keep you briefed?

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Ebola: what's happening in the People In Aid network?

As the Ebola response remains a priority for many responding agencies, and continues to dominate the headlines, we are offering here a summary of what has been happening within the People In Aid network.

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People In Aid member discount: Changeboard HR jobs

People In Aid has worked with HR jobs specialist Changeboard for around five years, enabling our members to benefit from access to their advertising platform. Changeboard has grown to become one of the leading global HR job board and careers advice site dedicated to the HR industry, and is now partnering with People In Aid to offer our members and others in our network new, discounted advertising packages.

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Debriefing staff: updated handbook available

Earlier this month we held our ever-popular staff care workshop on debriefing staff, facilitated by clinical psychologist Debbie Hawker. Effective debriefing is a critical step in building resilience at both an organisational and personal level, and this workshop helps address this alongside practical learning on how to carry out a debrief, and active role-play scenarios. The accompanying handbook is now updated and available for download from our online Resource Centre.

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Facts are the antidote of fear: supporting staff responding to the Ebola crisis

By Em Lacroix

Last week I attended a very useful Ebola Forum organised by InterHealth in London. One of my responsibilities as the HR Services Manager at People In Aid is to help our members connect to each other, to the hot topics and issues that we are addressing, and to the resources that can support us collectively in our work. As I sat with HR and operational representatives of organisations currently involved in responding to the Ebola outbreak in west Africa (many of whom are our members), I was reminded that in this crisis, a lot of what it will take to win over the "invisible enemy" are principles, practices and ways of working we all know, but can sometimes get complaisant about. In many ways, these are nothing new or radical, but rather what is required is a more robust and consistent implementation and compliance with well documented and tested fact-based practices.

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Learning from failure

By Jonathan Potter

It doesn't matter that you fall as long as you know what to do when you get up. This snippet of wisdom from Nelson Mandela was quoted by South Africa activist Jay Naidoo at BOND's annual conference this week. It refers, of course, to learning from a mistake. It resonated at a later working session on acknowledging failure. There are organisations which publish Failure reports and others which run failfests (get-togethers to celebrate failures). Focussing on the learning side of this equation, though, one speaker at the event required every staff member to write down one or more lessons learned during the year to produce a Learning report.

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