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NGO Global Pay Survey 2015: registration now open!

For the fifth year running, Birches Group and People in Aid are launching the NGO Global Pay Survey. The survey is unique to the international NGO sector, and provides salary benchmarking data from across the world, covering both international and headquarters roles. Data collection will commence in June 2015 and the report will be published in October 2015. Registration is now open!

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Ebola response aid worker wellness kit available

Every humanitarian emergency brings its own particular challenges for organisations and individuals involved in response, and staff wellness and resilience remain an important element to be addressed at both levels. The Ebola crisis pushed the boundaries around wellness for those responding to the emergency, more particularly at the individual, practical level. What tools are available to support aid worker wellness beyond the existing principles and policies from their organisations?

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Update on HAP and People in Aid merger and new organisation - next steps

Many stakeholders from across the sector, including the majority of People In Aid's and HAP International's members, contributed to the development of the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS). The CHS launch in December has enabled us to move ahead with the HAP and People In Aid merger, and the CHS will be at the centre of the new organisation's work.

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Core Humanitarian Standard available in Spanish, French version to launch in March

The Spanish version of the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) was officially launched at an event in Bogota, Colombia on 18 February 2015. The event, organised by HAP International and IECAH with the assistance of the Institute of Humanitarian Studies in Bogota, brought together many of the key actors in the humanitarian and development sectors in Latin America.

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A question of impact: what can we learn from outside our sector?

In our recently published research report, The State of HR 2014: A Question of Impact, one of our areas of focus is HR's quality. We examine performance in the sector in the areas of HR and people management covered by the Seven Principles of the People In Aid Code. We describe good and next HR practices from our sector and consider whether there are lessons to be learnt from other sectors. In his article, guest author Lieutenant General Sir Bill Rollo (Retired) discusses the HR and people management approach used in the Armed Forces, and highlights issues and desired outcomes in the military which are similar to our sector. The following is a short summary of the article, which can be accessed in full from the State of HR report.

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We are hiring! Communications Officer vacancy

We are currently recruiting for a Communications Officer to support the People In Aid and HAP International Communications teams. This exciting new role will support Communications Managers from both organisations as we move towards a merger, forming a new organisation later in 2015. The position will be varied and challenging, giving the opportunity to work on a wide range of tasks and in many media including web production, email marketing, social media, development and delivery of on and offline communications materials.

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CHS East Africa regional launch to take place in Nairobi, 19 March

The regional East Africa launch of the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS), along with the IAWG East Africa Quality and Accountability group Fair Share, will take place in Nairobi, Kenya, on 19 March 2015. Following the global launch of the CHS in December last year, it is now important that individuals and organisations identify how, and when, to implement the Standard. This event will offer an opportunity to discuss what implementation of the CHS could look like in the East Africa region; learn more about guidance and support available from People In Aid, HAP International, and the Sphere Project; and importantly, start working on action plans for the benefit of communities and people affected by crisis.

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Call for applications: START Coaching

The START Coaching Network is a newly established network of in-house, local, regional and global independent coaches. This network will play a key role in the three-year START Talent Development project, led by Save the Children UK and START consortium members Oxfam GB, People In Aid and Relief International. Between 2015 and 2018, over 1000 national humanitarian staff and leaders will participate in capacity building initiatives in three different regions, East Africa, SE Asia and Middle East. We are looking for coaches to join our network in these areas, and contribute to the success of this cross-cutting strand of work.

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Staff care strategies and managing stress

By Em Lacroix

People In Aid was invited to take part in a round table discussion on Stress Management for a global workforce, organised and hosted by the ICRC in Geneva earlier in February. The day was attended by a number of mental health and staff care specialists, and was both stimulating and reflective. Some of the participants have been involved in influencing the sector's approach to stress management for many years. Work from Dr. Berthold Bierens de Haan, for example, played a part in informing the design of stress management strategy that has since been embedded in organisational practices. His leaflet on "Coping with Stress" created in 1992 was still part of my induction pack when I joined the British Red Cross 10 years ago - an impressive legacy!

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Collaboration: What do featherless chickens and cranberry farmers have to teach us?

It is critical for NGOs to understand how to improve processes and skills, increasing the innovation necessary to build collaboration internally, with partners and with other external stakeholders. A Future of Work Masterclass, 'The Collaboration Imperative', took place in London this week and brought together HR, OD and other senior executives from some of the world's largest and most successful private sector companies. The NGO sector was represented by participants from the British Red Cross, Save the Children, and People In Aid. Together, we were all invited to learn how managing complex collaboration is a trainable organisational capability.

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