Managing People in Emergencies Wiki

Our "Managing People In Emergencies" wiki on People In Aid Interactive is a vital resource which gives you access to over 130 pages of material, helping you create, manage and develop your team in an emergency.

A survival guide for humanitarian programme managers

This wiki focuses not only focuses on the risks you may have to take and how best to manage them, but also allows you to edit and contribute to the guide in order to share your own experiences and information with those who need it.

The material, which is in six sections, will help you to: 

Each section details the major risks and how you can manage them, provides resources to help you with your work and case studies to illustrate what has happened to other programme managers in similar situations.

The 'Managing People In Emergencies' wiki is completely free to access, and will be especially useful to programme managers looking to manage their staff effectively during times of emergency.

Image: Sierra Leone Red Cross

Date published: Friday 23 September 2011


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