Global consultation hots up - make your voice heard on the future of humanitarian standards

We are in the thick of the Joint Standards Initiative Consultation which launched in Dec 2012 and ends on 1st March 2013. The on-line survey has been widely circulated in four languages, focus group discussions are taking place across the globe and regional consultation events start this week. Here are some of the ways you can participate before the end of the month:

1. Online Survey – 642 field and headquarter staff have already taken part in the on-line survey. Share your views and encourage your colleagues to do the same, by responding to the 10-minute survey for humanitarian workers in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

2. Focus Group Discussions are happening with agencies, donors, governments and affected populations, in places as far afield as; India, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Italy, London, France and Geneva, with many more planned over the next 3 weeks. The discussions are focusing on the key lines of enquiry - use and accessibility of standards, implementation of standards, compliance and verification and future needs.

Why not organise a focus group discussion yourself? Detailed and simple guidelines on how to do this are available for download in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

3. Regional Consultation events – are occurring in regional hubs over the next few weeks. Keep up to date with what’s happening near you and how to be involved by visiting our website:

  • East Africa – Nairobi (IAWG) on 19th Feb, Juba (South Sudan NGO Forum) on 20th Feb
  • West Africa – Dakar (OFADEC) 11th – 15th Feb
  • Asia – Bangkok (CWS) on 26th Feb
  • Latin America – Panama (SCF) w/c 25th Feb, Ecuador (Rendir Cuentas) to be confirmed
  • Middle East – Cairo (Humanitarian Forum) on 18th Feb, Lebanon (to be confirmed)
  • US – Washington DC (InterAction) on 11th Feb, New York (OCHA-IASC) on 12th Feb
  • Europe – Brussels (VOICE) on 25th Feb, Copenhagen (invitation only) 11-12th March

The Consultation team is happy to provide additional guidance and support. Please send questions and queries to Lois Austin (

If you would like to know more about the Joint Standards Initiative visit the About page.

Date published: Wednesday 6 February 2013


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