Kenya elections 2013 - is your organisation prepared?

General elections will be held in Kenya on 4 March 2013. It is imperative that organisations working in the region have plans in place for staff, should there still be violence or unrest in the country.

A web portal, including key resources and an online forum to share opinions and plans is now live.

5 years ago, when Kenya previously held general elections, few anticipated the death, displacement and destruction that the country experienced. As committed aid workers worked to launch an adequate response to help victims of the violence, they themselves were exposed to ethnic hostility, upheaval and anxiety for the safety of their own families.

Many international staff of NGOs were evacuated, and local staff yet on the ground faced challenges including how to get to and from work, how to access resources (medical, food, phone credit), and how to face each other in the office.

Though we are optimistic that Kenya will not relive the experience of five years ago, it is essential that organisations prepare. People in Aid’s Regional Consultant in Nairobi has led and participated in many conversations about this topic with members. We have now put up this page to keep the discussion alive and help our members answer these questions:

  • What are the lessons from 5 years ago that can help us prepare staff for the March elections?
  • What are organisations willing and not willing to do as part of their duty of care obligations, and how has this been communicated?

We encourage you to visit the portal frequently, voice your concerns using the forum link at the bottom of the page and share what you know with others in the sector.

Date published: Tuesday 12 February 2013


it is spectacular and thanks for people in Aid there effort of bringing ideas together, this will even help-us evaluate the re-actions of the Kenyan people and the international community at large

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Noor sheikh
CEO , Safety Foundation for Development
18/02/2013 at 18:28   

Thanks People in Aid for the brilliant idea for no organisation/humanitarian worker will live in isolation. Together we unite and have our colleagues operate in a safe and secure environment.
With Experienced gathered during our day to day training on the subject matter to humanitarian workers in different settings, we have no choice but share relevant experiences of help to our staff, relatives and organisation at large. i support.

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19/02/2013 at 09:00   

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